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Quality Inspection
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QES management policy of the company:

Quality printing, continuous improvement, leading the industry trend with first-class printing!

To be an enterprise compliant with all health, safety, and environmental regulations!

QES objectives of the company:

① One-time pass rate of products >98.5%; ② Customer satisfaction >85 points;

③ Qualification rate of feeding inspection ≥ 98.5%; ④ Pass rate of environmental protection products of 100%.

Environmental safety total target items and target values:

① The number of casualties in traffic accidents is 0/year;
② 100% of special workers are on duty with certificates;
③The number of fire equipment failures is 0/year;
④ The number of accidental fires is 0/ year;
⑤ The number of electricity accidents is 0/ year;
⑥ The number of occupational diseases is 0/year;
⑦ The number of major work-related accidents does not exceed 1 case per year (major work-related injuries are those with medical expenses above 20,000 yuan);
⑧ 100% of solid and liquid hazardous wastes are treated according to the specifications of the law;
⑨ Domestic sewage is treated and discharged up to standard;
⑩ Waste gas is treated and discharged up to standard.

Quality Inspection Equipment

Full-automatic quality inspection machine


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