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How can we help you?

If you have questions or at any point or can’t find the answer you were looking for, call or email us directly at sales9@bxlprinting.com. Helping you answer all your questions and solving any problems you may have is our number one priority.

Here are a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Where are you located?

We are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China near to HK, and equipped with comprehensive manufacturing facilities.

Are you manufacturer or trading company ?

100% factory +330 handmade workers + 12 years production experience + 7000 square meters.

How do I get a quote for my project?

You can get a quote by visiting the Request a Quote page, requesting a quote on a product page, phone, email or from our online chat.

Based on a large variance of requirements from project to project, most quotations need to be prepared by a packaging estimator.

RFQs can be emailed directly to sales9@bxlprinting.com.

You will typically receive your quotation within 1-2 business days for most requests. RFQs and complex projects may require more time.

Do you have volume discounts or price breaks?

High quantity orders generally net a lower cost-per-unit on all of our packaging orders. For greater savings for your project, you can get consultation us from one of our Product Specialists for a customized packaging strategy based on your business requirements and project goals.

What packaging and box styles do you offer?

We offer a wide range of packaging and box styles such as paperboard (C1S, C2S, CCNB, Kraft paper, Metallic silver or gold), corrugated, rigid boxes, display racks, transparent PP/PET/PVC box, adhensive labels and custom printed paper bags with fully customizable options.

What is the process of getting my packaging made?

We make packaging easy for our customers. While the steps can differ from project to project, our typical process consists of the following stages:

1. Specification & Project Consultation

2. Quotation

3. Sampling and Prototyping

4. Production

5. Shipping and Fulfillment

For more information, please get in touch with us.

What is a dieline and why is it important?

A dieline is the template/outline needed for the design/artwork of the box. It is essential to the cutting and creasing process giving the appropriate information to our machines to precisely cut and fold areas where needed.

Can I order multiple artworks at the same size and specifications?

Yes - it is very common to combine multiple artworks into a single production run to save time and costs.

How are packaging dimensions measured?

Generally, measuring a box for packaging is based on the inner dimensions of the structure. This guarantees your product will fit properly within the box regardless of stock thickness.

If you are looking to duplicate a box, please contact us.

What is corrugated?

Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy material that consists of fluted sheets. Corrugated is highly durable, making it a popular choice for heavy-duty packaging and protection. Here at Baoxinglong, we provide you with material such as white and kraft cardboard and a variety of thicknesses from e-flute to b-flute to maximize your customization.

How do I prepare files for print?

There are many guidelines and recommendations to follow to ensure your packaging graphics are crisp, clean and aligned. Please read our artwork guides below.

Die-line and design in separate layers

CMYK color files, PMS colors should be specific. PMS swatch noted if possible

All images must be in high-res and embedded in the file. If not embedded, a picture folder containing all the link images should be sent along as well.

All text must be converted to outlines. If not an outline, be sure a font folder containing all the artwork fonts is sent along as well.

A minimum of 0.125″ bleed must be included if it is needed.

We have guidelines on file to help us provide you with the best quality output.

In order to give you the best quality product, It is important that your file is given to us properly. The artwork guidelines are designed to ensure that your file is prepared in the proper format.

What kind of artwork file format I should provide you for printing?

Illustrator (.ai or .eps) files preferred. We also accept Photoshop (.psd, tiffs, or high-res jpeg) files, Indesign (.indd), or PDF.

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